New Patients

Welcome to a friendly and inviting experience which begins where…

New patients receive special appointment time so you have a chance to get to know us as we give you a tour of how our new patient process works.

Talk with the Doctor about your symptoms to determine if chiropractic is a good choice for you.

If Dr. Edwards believes chiropractic is not the best option, he will refer you to the more appropriate healthcare provider.

Our EXAM comes next:

  • Physical: recording of height, weight, pulse, blood pressure and similar measurements
  • Orthopedic: test your ability to turn, bend and move joints to see their range of motion
  • Neurological: test muscle strength, sensation, postural evaluation and palpation
  • Spine Scan: evaluates your nerve system 5 ways to create an exact picture of your current functioning
  • X-rays: show us the health of your spine including old or new injuries and spinal degradation

Your exam helps in the accurate diagnosis for your pain, Dr Edwards reviews your results to determine if Chiropractic is your best option.

Treatment comes next if you are a good candidate for Chiropractic Care.

On your second visit Dr. Edwards:

  • explains your exam results
  • answers questions about your diagnosis
  • suggests a treatment plan

Rhythm of Recovery:

  • Regular Visits after the initial require just 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Like a regular workout, each adjustment builds on the ones before.
  • Missed visits slow recovery momentum